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ABOUT THE EVENT / reasons to come

Misys will host a one-day forum of thought-provoking panel debates, Q&As, demos and presentations, which will challenge the status quo in financial services. Our forum provides a platform to meet industry leaders, discuss the challenges faced, exchange experiences, hear from global experts and learn to make technology your “Strategic Differentiator” to drive your business to the next level. Key themes will be transformation, digitalization, and cloud.


We are expecting C-Suite executives from the banking, capital markets and investment management industries. Following the conference we will have entertainment and a cocktail reception overlooking Times Square.

Click video to see highlights from last years event in Miami.

Conference agenda

Registration and coffee

Welcome address

Shaping the global financial services industry

  • Digitalization, cloud and transformation
  • How we make our customers more resilient, efficient and competitive

PaaS – accelerating innovation across financial services

A panel discussion with industry thought leaders discussing:
  • PaaS and the key benefits of the app economy
  • Potential use cases that support greater business agility

Do Banks Need to Look Outside for Innovation, or is the Answer Closer to Home?

  • How can bank transform and simplify ageing and complex IT infrastructure while dealing with a perfect storm of rising costs, increased regulatory burdens, fiercer competition and more demanding customers?
  • What is the best way forward: collaboration with Fintechs or in-house innovation programs?
  • What is the business case for Fintech and how to measure the results?

Regional Perspectives: Misys in the Americas

  • Current regional trends
  • Misys initiatives in the region

Coffee Break

Breakouts: Capital Markets, Investment Management and Corporate Banking

The robots are coming: AI, machine learning and algos

  • Machine learning/intelligence; natural language understanding; machine perception
  • Robo-advisory
  • Algo trading

Exploring the new boundaries of Internet of Finance: Beyond the buzz of Blockchain

  • Understanding Blockchain and distributed ledger technology
  • The key use cases in corporate banking and capital markets
  • Impact of blockchain on costs, operations and efficiencies
  • Challenges such as regulatory, legal challenges, interoperability issues and overhauling legacy infrastructure.

Closing Remarks

Cocktail reception (onsite)

FINtech or finTECH: Investment banking in the innovation age

  • Does the investment banking model need an overhaul for the innovation age?
  • How can investment banks transform as budgets are slashed?
  • How can capital markets firms keep up with the pace of innovation?

Post-trade Processing: Simplify for greater agility and cost certainty

  • Integrating asset classes, trading systems and branches, globally
  • Lowering the cost of compliance and ensuring enterprise-wide consistency
  • Leveraging the Cloud for more flexibility, scalability and agility


From theory to best practice: Fundamental Review of the Trading Book

The Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) is one of the currently most debated and significant regulations affecting captial markets. Pre-assessment and planning - even for the new standardized approach - is not easy and often underestimated.
  • What and where are the main challenges?
  • Which other regulations need to be looked at in conjunction?
  • What is best practice and how should you prepare to avoid any pitfalls?

The Strategic Treasury: Optimizing Working Capital

  • Providing a holistic view of risk across the banking, lending and trading books
  • Using big data, analysis and reporting to improve workflows and optimize profits
  • Performing faster high volume calculations for more precise simulation and stress testing

Coffee break

The end of Beta

  • What is meant by the end of beta and why it will soon be upon us
  • The associated impact on asset managers and their clients
  • How asset managers can prepare for this inevitability

Beyond SaaS: Moving towards a fully-operated investment management ecosystem

  • Evolution of independent software products and services
  • The shift towards 'New IT' and lower-cost operating models
  • The changing face of investment management: new business models and players


Pension and insurance: Investing in a liability context

  • Differences between pension and insurance mandates
  • Offering the right capabilities to support LDI and ALM requirements
  • How can new entrants compete with existing players?

OTC clearing and collateral management: An industry perspective

  • Industry update on bilateral and uncleared swaps
  • Regulatory impact on collateral and margin management
  • Collateral management best practices for the buy side and dealers

Coffee break

Narrowing the corporate banking performance gap

  • Simplification stories driving end-to-end digitalization in commercial and corporate banking
  • Best practice: the look of a winner in corporate banking
  • Data is the new collateral - business intelligence for service innovation risk and profitability

Forget buzzword bingo: Killer fintech use cases for transaction banking and lending

  • What do corporate and commercial clients really want from their banks?
  • How can bank's drive to simplicity, analytical excellence and robotic automation translate into corporate value propositions?
  • Blockchain and the Internet of Everything: solutions looking for problems, or problems looking for solutions?


Considering risk to optimize service: compliance, capital and corporate relationships

  • Optimizing the loan book and de-risking strategies
  • Profitable capital deployment
  • IFRS9, FASB: recognizing and managing assets and liabilities
  • KYC and the coining of a new acronym...KYG

Digitalization best practices in wholesale banking

  • Where are we with lending nirvana? Transformation in action
  • Mapping digital strategy to the corporate customer journey
  • Trade digitization: intelligence, integration and new value propositions

Coffee break

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Event Location

Marriott Marquis Times Square
1535 Broadway
New York, New York 10036 USA