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ABOUT THE EVENT / reasons to come

In an ever changing financial industry where AI, Internet of Things and Digital customers are changing the ways of performing business, Transformation, Digitalisation and Cloud will be the key themes for the Misys Connect Forum 2017 when it arrives in Paris.

During this one-day forum, Misys will host a series of panel discussions, presentations and dedicated industry breakout sessions  providing a platform to meet  industry leaders and subject matter experts. You will be able to interact and exchange with your peers on industry challenges, best practices and how to  apply them plus leveraging the technology of tomorrow.

Make sure to join the 200+ C-level delegates expected on the day from across the financial industry, including corporate and retail banking, investment management and capital markets.


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Conference agenda

Registration and welcome coffee

Nadeem Syed

Welcome Note

Welcome from Nadeem Syed – CEO Misys
Ryan Keough

Transforming the global financial services industry in the era of digitalisation and the cloud

Peter FarleyDavid PowellElvire FabryKarel LanooVéronique Riches-Flores

How should the European Union meet the challenges ahead?

  • Economic outlook: is Europe’s economy strong enough to cope with the challenges ahead?
  • How will the EU be affected by Brexit, the US election result and upcoming elections in member states?
  • Where are the opportunities for the EU going forward?

Coffee Break

Robin CreweDominique VignauxChristophe CerinCaj SjömanRiteesh Singh

PaaS – accelerating innovation across financial services

Morning wrap up

Breakout Capital Markets, Corporate Banking, Investment Management

Alex KwiatkowskiBalazs VinnaiRichard Cadapeaud

The robots are coming: Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and algos

  • Machine learning/intelligence; natural language understanding; machine perception
  • Robo-advisory
  • Algo trading
Sadiq JaveriAlex WolffLuca CompariniFrédéric DalibardAxel Pierron

Exploring the new boundaries of Internet of Finance – Beyond the buzz of Blockchain

  • Understanding Blockchain and distributed ledger technology
  • The key use cases in corporate banking and capital markets
  • Impact of blockchain on costs, operations and efficiencies
  • Challenges such as regulatory, legal challenges, interoperability issues and overhauling legacy infrastructure.

Closing Remarks

Cocktail Reception

Guillaume Spay

Making better trading decisions with intuitive and flexible tools

  • React to market opportunities faster
  • Leverage the power of Big Data on a rich HTML 5 user interface
  • Create a bespoke workspace with powerful analytical tools and insights

Lunch Break

Sadiq JaveriWendy JephsonHerve BonazziJosh Markowitz

FINtech or finTECH: Investment banking in the innovation age

  • Does the investment banking model need an overhaul for the innovation age?
  • How can investment banks transform as budgets are slashed?
  • How can capital markets firms keep up with the pace of innovation?
Sadiq JaveriKaterina Petsetidi Soupe

Regulatory Pressures and Challenges in Capital Markets: FRTB

The Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) is one of the currently most debated and significant regulations affecting capital markets. Pre-assessment and planning, even for the new standardised approach, is not easy and often underestimated. What and Where are the main challenges? What is best practice and how should you prepare to avoid any pitfalls?
Peter FarleyCarole BlinLaurent Salvinien

The easy migration: the path to an easy and pain-free upgrade

  • How to turn a necessity into a competitive advantage
  • Manage, test and deploy  in a cost effective, secure and timely manner
  • Build a future-proof tomorrow

Coffee Break

Peter FarleyGuillaume Spay

The strategic Treasury: Optimising working capital

  • Providing a holistic view of risk across the banking, lending and trading books
  • Using big data, analysis and reporting to improve workflows and optimise profits
  • Performing faster high volume calculations for more precise simulation and stress testing
Mathew Williamson

Narrowing the corporate banking performance gap

  • Simplification stories driving end-to-end digitalization in commercial and corporate banking
  • Best practice: the look of a winner in corporate banking
  • Data is the new collateral - business intelligence for service, innovation, risk and profitability

Lunch Break

Jacqueline MorcombePhillipe Boulas

Industrialisation of the lending lifecycle: redefining credit, risk and service

Corporate borrowers have defaulted on $50bn of debt in 2016. Unifying loan performance and risk intelligence with the industrialised lending lifecycle is vital to injecting innovation. Learn how forward thinking organisations are building a digital path of least resistance across loan products, from bi-lateral to syndicated. How can you reach lending Nirvana?
Alex KwiatkowskiCaj SjömaBalazs Vinnai

The emergence of two-speed banking: How do you safely get into the fast lane and stay there?

Customers, investors, regulators are driving banks to modernise and innovate. Hear more on to approach a front-to-back transformation to meet customer experience expectations, achieve operational efficiency and ensure ongoing adherence to compliance. Find out about the role and importance of ecosystem and partnerships: banks, fintechs, partners.
Alex KwiatkowskiIan MorrisTherese Thorris

CrowdLending: leveraging potential, reducing risk

Are you losing marketshare due to loss of loan volume? Are you restricted in terms of innovation due to fragmented platforms that lack agility? Are risk and regulation contributing to a limited lending growth? This session will reveal how a cloud native CrowdLending solution could be your solution for growth.

Coffee Break

Alex KwiatkowskiJacques MolgoMathew Williamson

Forget buzzword bingo: Killer fintech use cases for transaction banking and lending

  • What do corporate and commercial clients really want from their banks?
  • How can bank's drive to simplicity, analytical excellence and robotic automation translate into corporate value propositions?
  • Blockchain and the Internet of Everything: solutions looking for problems, or problems looking for solutions?
Jean-Baptiste GaudemetYann de Saint MeleucArnaud de Batz

How to model and account for liabilities in the context of mutual funds

  • Development of financial products
  • Monitoring of customer and product profitability
  • Marketing and cross-border distribution of funds
  • Innovation at the heart of managing liabilities

Lunch Break

Nicolas de BreteuilArnaud de ServignyArnaud FilholThibault Delahaye

Creating diversification and growth through alternative

  • Where is the pressure to diversify into alternatives coming from?
  • Which alternatives are currently being favoured by investment managers today?
  • What are the benefits of creating an alternatives strategy?
Lorenzo GazzolettiJeremy BorrotCedric Cros

The impact of Brexit on the European investment management community

  • Stress testing the different scenarios: a hard vs soft Brexit
  • Will buy-side firms exodus the UK, or re-distribute some key employees to other EU centres?
  • Can Brexit present an opportunity to grow the European asset management industry?
Christophe LepitrePierre BaillavoineFranck Nicolas

Investing and capturing opportunities for insurance asset managers

  • Using regulations to your advantage
  • The importance of investment decision support
  • Calculating market risk SCR for Solvency II
  • Actionable accounting analytics for portfolio managers

Coffee Break

Raphael RollinSylvain ForteGregoire Dauge

Customer centricity: how investment managers are becoming more customer focused

  • What are modern investors looking for from their fund managers?
  • Quality of service as a unique differentiator
  • Defining and implementing a customer centricity program

Event Location

Hotel du Collectionneur
51-57 Rue de Courcelles
75008 Paris

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